Week 41-60

Every Friday I share my favorite finds from around the web, including food, fashion, funnies, travel, art, DIY and more!

Week 41 – Sweet-tart sorbets, clever kitchen storage ideas, and grown up Sloppy Joe’s.

Week 42 – Boozy ways to beat summer heat, killer track workouts, and must-see sweet treats.

Week 43 – Genius freezing tip, thirst-quenching summery drink, and must-have wrist bling.

Week 44 – No-cook summer suppers, must have summery jewelry, and copycat restaurant recipes.

Week 45 – The perfect chocolate cake, tasty summer dishes, and a must-see natural waterslide.

Week 46 – Easy DIY hair treatment, luscious lemon desserts, and refreshing fruit cocktails.

Week 47 – Over-the-top French Toast, hairstyles for short hair, and easy tips for saving baking equipment.

Week 48 – Instant cell phone speaker, mouthwatering Fall recipes, and how to clean a microfiber couch.

Week 49 – Fantasy cake, no equipment needed workout, and sweet end-of-summer sipper.

Week 50 – Cheesy spicy Fall soup, IKEA hacks, and time saving taco trick.

Week 51 – Over-the-top Mac & Cheese, vacation keepsake idea, and must-try tailgating dip recipe.

Week 52 – Gooey Cookies a la Mode, homemade pumpkin creamer, and Pinterest fails.

Week 53 – Slurpy noodles, tasty fall treats, and the song I can’t stop singing.

Week 54 – Yummy tailgate ideas, sweet apple treats, and an ingenious way to save leather shoes.

Week 55 – Outrageous fall mac ‘n’ cheese, healthy make-ahead breakfast, and seasonal home decor ideas.

Week 56 – Unique skin cleanser, the ultimate party bite, and gooey single-serve chocolate chip cookies.

Week 57 – Spooky-chic Halloween decor, tasty weeknight dinners, and ultimate jalapeno poppers.

Week 58 – Classic soup with an updated twist, new use for wine corks, cute holiday dresses.

Week 59 – Cookes ‘n’ Cream concoctions, chic DIY decor ideas, mouthwatering cookies.

Week 60 – Gooey fall cinnamon rolls, fabulous book finds, and DIY decor for pennies.


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