Homemade Pizza Rolls


I’ve never tried to hide the fact that I am a junk food junkie. I just might eat Ruffles and Rolos for dinner every night if it were PC…and if I wouldn’t gain 1,000 pounds.

This trait runs in the family. While my little brother and Mom forget to eat at times (to which I always reply, really?) my Dad and I are always on the hunt for a sweet treat or crunchy snack. My older brother? Well, he hides bags of Skittles around his house. I’ll let you decide what side of the gene pool his taste buds came from. ;)

As much as I love me some Doritos and Thin Mints though, I never EVER keep junk food in the house.

Gretchen from the Real Housewives of the OC said it best, when asked if she’d have kids with her boyfriend who can’t even afford child support for his existing son, “I’m madly in love. But I’m not madly in love, and stupid.

Well said, Gretch.

Because yes, while I’m madly in love with BBQ potato chips, Sour Patch Kids and Oreos, I’m not stupid. If I kept them in the house, empty chip bags would blow around like shiny tumbleweeds, sugary hand prints would cover the doorknobs and sleeves of those sweet, cream-filled cookies would disappear overnight. I have Z-E-R-O self control around junk food.

Not to mention, I feel like hell when I eat it.

So, I try and do the right things. I don’t pass by the cookie aisle at the grocery store. I plan out meals so I’m not tempted to get fast food when weeknights get crazy and there’s nothing to make for dinner. I try to avoid the open chip bags at potlucks and parties…ok lets be real, I never avoid the chip bags at potlucks and parties. Oh and all bets are off when it comes to road trips. I can’t imagine a long drive without a bag of sour gummy worms in my hot little hand!

All of that to say…

I made homemade Pizza Rolls tonight, and they were freaking fantastic. :)


Yeah, me and Totino’s Pizza Rolls go way back. That chewy crust and cheesy filling is the stuff pizza dreams are made of. I like to bite the corners off first, squeeze the filling out, then pop the whole thing in my mouth. :)


However, pizza rolls are disgusting and they make me feel disgusting after eating them.


While I was eating my spicy, tangy Buffalo Chicken Egg Rolls earlier this week I was struck by a thought. Hey… The texture of these egg rolls totally remind me of pizza rolls…I love pizza rolls…I SHOULD MAKE HOMEMADE PIZZA ROLLS! So I did.


And you should too. They are soooo easy to make and soooo much healthier than that fried & frozen crap!


First, I assembled the ingredients for my Garden Veggie Sausage & Cheese Pizza Rolls: cheddar cheese, baby spinach, cooked chicken sausage and black olives.


Here’s the chicken sausage I used:


Trader Joe’s Garden Vegetable Mushroom & Asiago Chicken Sausage. These are wonderful. There are huge chunks of veggies like carrots & mushrooms in the sausage (which I obviously picked out) but the taste is awesome.


To the ingredients, I added a couple spoonfuls of pizza sauce.


I used this Muir Glen Organic Pizza Sauce I picked up from Target. Great flavor!


After everything was mixed up, I laid out an egg roll wrapper (leftover from Buffalo Chicken Egg Rolls) put about 1/4 cup filling into the middle, wet the edges with water, then rolled it up the same way as last time.


Snug as a bug!


When all my pizza rolls were made, I lined them up on a non-stick sprayed, foil-lined baking sheet, generously sprayed the tops with non-stick spray, then baked at 425 for 20 minutes, flipping and re-spraying the other side halfway through.




Best thing ever. Gold star. First Place. Amazing!!!


The great thing about making homemade pizza rolls is that 1.) YOU control the ingredients that go into your rolls, 2.) they’re baked not fried and 3.) They’re about 4 times the size of regular pizza rolls – muwahahaha!


Eaten with a side of broccoli.


I suppose that while I am cursed with a wicked sweet & salty tooth, I also LOVE fruits & vegetables. And I love cooking. I can’t even imagine how big of a train wreck I’d be it that weren’t the case!


And while I do my gosh-darned very best to avoid junk food as much as possible, and eat as healthy as I can everyday, I still always make room for dessert. Every night. Life is too short not to.

The way I see it, dessert doesn’t necessarily mean junk food. I mean it doesn’t mean health food, but I consider a homemade crispy chocolate peanut butter cup made with natural peanut butter and chocolate chips, a whole lot healthier than a processed, won’t-mold-for-50-years Twinkie. Know what I mean?

Great, now I want a Twinkie.


Do you struggle with being a junk food junkie? Do you keep junk food in the house?

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  1. Mollyberries 06.16.2011

    You are a genius. No joke. I can’t wait to make these for my pizza roll loving hubby!

  2. I’m like you- biggest sweet tooth, ever! I can’t keep anything in the house or I’ll eat it, too. Whenever I bake, my co-workers get huge batches of whatever’s left. Your pizza rolls are a must-make!

  3. I can’t keep junk food in my house either. My sweet tooth is too big and my husband likes salty snacks, so it is best they are not even brought into the house.

    My time to splurge a little is during a potluck or when we are invited over to dinner by someone else.

  4. Amanda R 06.16.2011

    That is one of the best recipe ideas ever!!! I have that same love/hate relationship with Totinos pizza rolls! Every now and then I have to give in and eat them! Corners first :)

  5. Yummy! I DO struggle with junk food which is why I DON’T keep it in the house. Candy, baked goods, such as donuts, or ice cream of any kind would be gone in a matter of moments around me.

  6. Crissanka 06.16.2011

    Great idea – I loved that this will satisfy the salty tooth and it is not fried! I am making an effort to keep more fruit in the house so I don’t snack on the bad (but so good) stuff. It is a work in progress…:D

  7. Freaking fantastic idea! I love sweets and tortilla chips, but luckily I am not interested in things like snack cakes or potato chips or creamy dips. I’d really gain a zillion lbs if I liked those!

  8. Hannah 06.16.2011

    I am definitely a junk food junkie!! I also want to say I LOVE your writing. I especially loved the line, “If I kept them in the house, empty chip bags would blow around like shiny tumbleweeds. . .” HILARIOUS!!! I always look forward to your posts.

  9. Anita 06.16.2011

    I SO agree with everything you’re saying! Right now I’m working on lowering my cholesterol so I have to skip dessert a little more than I’d like, but I think that practicing moderation throughout your life is key!

    Those pizza rolls look pretty incredible. Yum! :)

    • tarek 03.25.2015

      your smile is amazing

  10. nicole 06.16.2011

    I ate a million pizza rolls when I was pregnant.. thankfully, I haven’t touched them since! These look fantastic and we’ll have to make them!!

  11. Sara 06.16.2011

    HOLY CRAP! You are a genius!!! I’ve been craving pizza rolls like no one’s business, but after taking my consumer foods class, I just can’t bring myself to eat them…I can decode the ingredients list now, and it’s a little scary! So anyways, I’m super pumped to try these – HEAVENLY! And huge! And you can probably taste the individual ingredients! :) Thanks for another great recipe – I gotta say, you definitely make the most accessible recipes out of all the other food blogs I follow! :D

    Also, potato chips are my weakness. I do not buy them. Ever. I can easily demolish a bag in one sitting. I avoid this most of the time, except when I’m..uhh..drunk. Then chips don’t stand a chance because I’m in no mental state to deprive myself the joy of mindlessly eating handfuls of potato chips.

  12. Mimi 06.16.2011

    “If I kept them in the house, empty chip bags would blow around like shiny tumbleweeds…” Most brilliant words ever spoken.

  13. I can’t wait until I move into my own apartment next month because I won’t let myself keep junk food in it either. Now when I’m with my parents they keep all kinds of chips and sweets around because apparently they have self control and didn’t pass along the genes!

  14. Lindsey 06.16.2011

    Okay I have to make these, and even better my husband would love them too!

    I love cookies and ice cream and don’t keep it in the house for the exact same reason you said! Another weakness is that I love to bake…so when I bake I make sure I am baking for a reason other than for our house, which limits the amount I eat ;)

  15. ktlovepie 06.16.2011

    Okay, I commented the other day because I thought the buffalo chicken rolls sounded amazing but I think I might have to make these things first! I love pizza rolls but not the grease and the processed flavor.

    I’m not really a junk food junkie; I don’t eat a lot of sweets and snacks. My problem is eating to much of a main course, say like spaghetti and meatballs. If I like it, I eat it!

  16. Lauren Christine. 06.16.2011

    incredible! i’m so making these soon!

    i don’t keep junk food in the house and i don’t crave it too often, but i enjoy making healthier versions at home. if i ever do have a craving i give in, like this afternoon, i had a slice of pumpkin bread along side a chai latte. not something i would normally eat, but i couldn’t get the craving for pumpkin bread out of my head all day. and now i’m satisfied :-).

  17. lauramich 06.16.2011

    Maaan, I haven’t had pizza rolls in ages! Back in the old days, Teh Husband and I would occasionally declare “appetizer night” for dinner, and pizza rolls always had a place on the table. Now? I’d probably feel mega-gross if I tried to eat even one.

    I also used to eat those little Totino’s party pizzas. For breakfast. No, I was never one of those who could claim to not know why she was fat!

    Now, I’m much more in tune with how my body feels when I eat certain foods, and I’m much pickier about my junk food indulgences. Snickers, Reese’s, or Hershey’s? No. Dove dark chocolate? Oh, my, yes. Chips Ahoy or other packaged “baked” goods? Uh-uh. Homemade brownies? Ohhhh, yeah. Potato chips? Not so much. Pretzels? I will destroy them. I can have them in the house, but I still sometimes have difficulty stopping once I’ve started.

  18. Those look awesome & you’re totally inspiring me to pick up some wonton wrappers and go to town!
    I’m also the same way – I keep dark chocolate in the house and that’s about it. If I had chips & cookies & ice cream laying around I would definitely indulge many many times :)

  19. You are brilliant! I’ve made homemade egg rolls before, but this… This is a whole new delicious idea! They look perfect! Definitely trying this one day. :)

  20. Don’t mind if I do! Yum!

  21. Kaycie 06.16.2011

    Those look great! I made the buffalo ones the other night – YUMMMMM!
    I have a HUGE sweet tooth unfortunately -so I can’t keep extra stuff around either. Every so often, if I feel it is out of control, I will do low carb for a week or so, NO sweets whatsoever. That works for a bit – but then it just happens again….. But like you said – life is too short not to enjoy it:)

  22. Cocoa 06.16.2011

    Don’t think I’m crazy, but do you think I could make these using spring roll wrappers? I saw a recipe for egg rolls using them (deep fried – bleh)…and then they’d be gluten free pizza rolls and I would do the happy dance :)
    Also, love the fact you paired these with broccoli – you always make healthy a practical option. no excuses, <3 u

    • Iowa Girl Eats 06.22.2011

      Hmmm, I’m not sure if it’d work, as I don’t think you can heat up spring roll wrappers. I could be totally wrong though!

  23. coco plum 06.16.2011

    i used to be a junk food junkie but i agree with you that it makes you feel awful! you just can’t pig out and then even attempt a work out. the more i eat healthy the more i don’t crave junk food. i ate hamburger helper the other night because it sounded amazing and was totally disappointed…which i think is a good thing. the other thing that has been ruining junk food for me is the show “jaime oliver’s food revolution”. have you watch it? seriously has changed my view on fast food and meats!!!

    love your posts and recipes. we are having burrito bowls tonight. holla!!

  24. Erin 06.16.2011

    My brother and I used to inhale entire bags of cheetos, 5 lb boxes of twizzlers, and a couple tombstone pizzas in one weekend. How we were skinny children and skinny people to this day can only be explained by genetics. But I too do not keep any junk food in the house. When I made cheetos crusted chicken I couldn’t help but eat them while I cooked. I just cannot have it in my house!

    Oh and these pizza rolls look amazing. I wish I were having them for dinner instead of kabobs.

  25. kimi 06.16.2011

    ummm we had the buffalo chicken rolls for dinner tonight (YUM!) and now i know what i’m making this weekend!

  26. I didn’t realize that egg roll wrappers were so easy to work with! Noted…

  27. girl, you Rock My Socks. I have ALWAYS (okay, for a couple years!??) wanted to do this. they look SO dang good!

    shiny tumbleweeds… hee ;)

  28. Ashley 06.16.2011

    I’m not a HUGE fan of junk food…although if you put a bag of chips in front of me, I would eat them. But I don’t buy them or much sweets, because I will finish those off! I try to buy some goodies that I enjoy every so often and that aren’t horrible for you – like Twizzlers Nibs or Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwiches!!!

  29. jen 06.16.2011

    I have moments. Sometimes it’s all I can do not to devour junk food. I never buy it for myself…well, not NEVER. I do cave rarely. My husband is always buying candy and chips though. Luckily, our tastes are a little different, so I’m usually not tempted except in dire situations. ;)

  30. Wendy 06.16.2011

    I absolutely LOVE pizza rolls too (it’s a love/hate relationship since I hate how terrible they are for me). I did not even think of making my own so I was so excited to see your recipe. Have been reading your blog for several months now and I always look forward to it!

  31. Emily 06.16.2011

    Oh my gosh! This is genius! I am so excited. :) I eat Totino’s pizza rolls 1x per year…on Super Bowl Sunday. BUT I am so pumped to try these…real ingredients, baked not fried…there are so many reasons to love the idea. Also, that is my favorite pizza sauce of all time. I’ve never found one I like better and it’s organic and always $1.99 at Whole Foods.

  32. Nancy 06.16.2011

    I do keep a few sweet treats around because life is too short not to indulge in moderation. Usually I’m satisfied by a small piece of chocolate or serving of a quality dessert…I don’t think I could go more than a day without some kind of chocolate!

  33. Those pizza rolls look delicious!

    I cannot keep junk food or dessert in my house! I will plow through a 1/2 gallon of ice cream in 3 days if it’s here haha. I usually try to buy single serving ice creams or go out for dessert so it’s not too tempting at home.

  34. fersj 06.16.2011

    My downfall is baked goods. One of my favorite things to do is make a batch of choc chip cookie dough and then have warm cookies every night. Yeah, not so good on the waistline. Agree that the best approach is to just not have junk food around, same goes for my desk at work.

    Love the pizza roll idea and will definitely be trying it. You write a wonderful blog, keep up the good work!

  35. Amy 06.16.2011

    I am a total sugar junkie!! I love cake, ice cream, cheesecake, cookies, bars. . . anything homemade with white flour and white sugar. Like you, I can’t keep it in the house. Even if I toss something into the freezer, I still end up snacking on it (seriously, chilled cookies and bars are delish!). Therefore, I usually only have it when we go out, or if there’s a special occasion. For example, I had to make a cake the other day (long story) and I had two generous slices – then sent the rest to my in-law’s house!! It’s the only way I can do it.

    Luckily, the hubs has mostly different tastes than me (he prefers candy and chips), which I can totally eat in moderation.

  36. Cara 06.16.2011

    Every time I saw one of those shows where a health guru tells an overweight person to trash all the junk food in their kitchen I always thought, yeah, that makes sense. But I never did it myself until a few months ago, and it has made all the difference. Willpower is important, but you might as well rid yourself of the temptation.

  37. Mac 06.16.2011

    Holy yum! I want those pizza rolls now! I know exactly what you’re talking about with those store bought pizza bites, you cut into them and grease comes out not pizza sauce no wonder they make us feel crappy!

  38. debbie 06.16.2011

    your dinner looks delish!

    I’m not much of a junk food junkie. I’ll crave random things like Skittles or gummy bears every once in a blue moon. I do crave pizza every once in a while and chocolate ALL THE TIME!

  39. I always love your creativity! These sound so good… Football season (if we have one!) will be good to make these!

  40. Nicole 06.17.2011

    Call me crazy but i have a very different approach to junk food.
    I do keep it in the house and it doesnt disappear fast but ive pretty much alwAys been able to moderate and never told myself it was off limits.
    I want to teach my little boy the same so that he know sometimes its ok to reach for the little bag of doritos instead of the apple, its perfectly normal.

  41. Sheri 06.17.2011

    Hi, I make taco rolls….ground beef, cheese, onion, dip in salsa. Yesterday I tried crab, onion, cream cheese…awesome! What do you think the calorie count is on the pizza compared to regular pizza? How much different is the wrapper vs. maybe a bread crust or taco shell? I never really compared, but I’m thinking I might just want to keep wrappers handy all the time… Thanks for triggering a staple switch! S.

    • Iowa Girl Eats 06.22.2011

      Love the idea of a taco roll! I think the wrappers I used were 80 cals/wrapper. Probably better than a slice of pizza dough!

  42. Kate 06.17.2011

    I am right with you, I do NOT leave junk in the house because it would be gone. I love this idea of pizza rolls! I immediately thought of my brother-in-law who seems to still be stuck in bachelor-mode, eating frozen pizza 2-3 times a week. I think that if I do all the work of cooking, he and my sister will appreciate it. Oh, and this may be bad news to share, but while grabbing a sweet tea at McDs last night I saw that they have Rolo flurries now! About dang time…

  43. Ashley 06.17.2011

    You are brilliant! These look so dang good! Egg Roll wrappers were already on my grocery list from your Buffalo Chicken Egg Rolls, so guess I will be making these now too!

    I love junk food, however I am like you and have no self control. My boyfriend eats it all the time, and unfortunately it stays in the house. I try REALLY hard to stay away, which usually isn’t a problem because he devours it so fast! Ha :).

  44. Hope 06.17.2011

    Those pizza rolls look amazing! I am definitely going to have to try these and the egg rolls from the other day! Looks like I’ll be buying lots of egg roll wrappers! Delicious! :)

    I try not to keep too much junk food in the house but my fiance loves Oreos! He eats them everyday. Then again, he works out every single day so he deserves them :)

  45. Brindi 06.17.2011

    definitely not! first of all, i’m not a fan of junk food. i’m not big on candy or chips or frozen goodies such as that. (but give me homemade muffins, ice cream or cheesecake and watch out!) but my husband can plow through a bag of BBQ chips without even realizing it…in like 10 minutes. so we definitely don’t keep any form of chips in the house, unless it’s tortilla chips and some kind of homemade salsa.

  46. Amber 06.17.2011

    Like you, I’m a junk food junkie, and like you, I just can’t keep it in the house (and also, it doesn’t count if you are on a road trip)! But these? Look amazing. I’m making them this weekend and I can’t wait.

  47. Nancy 06.17.2011

    These pizza rolls would be a good thing to make when you have people who would like to make their own pizza too: put out the ingredients and let them put what they want on them, then bake and everyone’s happy with their choice.

  48. Mellissa 06.17.2011

    I love pizza rolls but try really hard not to eat them too often!

  49. Kristin from MN 06.17.2011

    I made your crispy PB cups and they turned out amazing! Thank you for the recipe!

  50. Julie S. 06.17.2011

    I’m a junk food junkie, too, & don’t keep it in the house either. That just spells TROUBLE! Ok, I must admit that I do have a pkg of Reese’s Easter eggs hidden from myself in the kitchen ‘cuz what will happen come July or Aug. when I NEED one & have to wait for the Reese’s pumpkins?!?! They really need to consider making Reese’s 4th of July flags… :)

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