Maple Bacon Beer Burgers


Maple Bacon Beer Burgers boast a hint of beer and maple. Unique and absolutely mouthwatering!

Maple-Bacon Beer Burgers |

Welcome to your obligatory, I can’t BELIEVE July starts next week, post!

No seriously, I cannot even freaking believe that July starts next week (see?) While it’s bittersweet saying goodbye to June and the first 1/3 of the summer, it’s not bitter at all bidding adieu to the rain and unpredictable weather it brought our way.

Instead, I’ve got my sights set on fireworks, long walks, grill outs (the propane tank on the grill at our old house ran out in early June and I was too lazy to get a new one. I know.) fireflies, farmers’ markets and, OH YEAH, TURNING 30!! Between moving and preparing for our son’s arrival, I legitimately keep forgetting that I’m turning 30 in just over a week, on July 5th.


I’m actually not as freaked out as I thought I’d be, believe it or not, as I’ve come to realize that age is just a number with no control over how you feel on the inside. Did I love my 20s? Hells yes. Am I looking forward to the next decade? Sure. Especially if it means I get to bring a baby into this world and become a Mama. More power to ya’, thirties!

Anyway, seeing as how July 4th IS just next week, I wanted to share a unique and special burger recipe for you to consider adding to your holiday menu – Maple Bacon Beer Burgers.

Maple-Bacon Beer Burgers |

I got this burger recipe from the Iowa Beef Industry Council after visiting a cattle farm last week (and bottle-feeding a calf – seriously, AW!) for Join My Journey. This burger is unique, but more importantly, insanely easy. I feel like there’s less ingredients in here than in a traditional kitchen-sink burger!

Beer, maple syrup, and Worcestershire sauce-spiked patties are grilled then topped with cheese and crisp maple bacon for a not too sweet, but seriously inspired bite. Serve with all the fixins’ ya’ like, or KISS, like I did!

Maple-Bacon Beer Burgers |

Start by cooking 8 slices Maple Bacon until crisp, any which way you like.

Maple-Bacon Beer Burgers |

My preferred method is placing a cooling rack atop a foil-lined baking sheet, spraying it well with nonstick spray, then placing the bacon slices on top. Pop into a cold oven, turn the heat to 400 degrees then bake for 15-20 minutes or until supah-crisp, flipping half way through.

Maple-Bacon Beer Burgers |

Meanwhile, get the burger patties ready.

Maple-Bacon Beer Burgers |

In a large bowl combine 1lb 90/10 ground beef with 1/4 cup beer, 2 Tablespoons Worcestershire sauce, and 1-1/2 Tablespoons maple syrup (not pancake syrup.) The maple flavor in here is really subtle. Definitely not overly sweet.

Maple-Bacon Beer Burgers |

Crack LOTS of black pepper on top then mix until just combined and shape the meat into 4 patties.

Maple-Bacon Beer Burgers |

Spray the tops with nonstick spray then pop those babies onto a preheated grill over medium-high heat. Grill for 4-5 minutes on the first side then carefully spray the tops with nonstick spray before flipping and grilling for 3-4 minutes on the other side. When the burgers have 1 minute left, pop a slice of cheddar cheese on top to melt, and lightly grill 4 buns.

Maple-Bacon Beer Burgers |

Top with the crisp maple bacon, and dig in!

Maple-Bacon Beer Burgers |

Maple Bacon Beer Burgers

serves 4


Maple Bacon Beer Burgers boast a hint of beer and maple. Unique and absolutely mouthwatering!


  • 1lb 90/10 ground beef
  • 1/4 cup beer
  • 2 Tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
  • 1-1/2 Tablespoons pure maple syrup (not pancake syrup)
  • lots of pepper
  • 4 slices cheddar cheese
  • 8 slices maple bacon, cooked
  • 4 buns


  1. Mix ground beef, beer, Worcestershire sauce, maple syrup, and pepper together in large bowl until just combined then shape into 4 patties.
  2. Spray tops of patties with nonstick spray then place sprayed side down on a pre-heated grill over medium-high heat. Grill for 4-5 minutes a side, carefully spraying tops with nonstick spray before flipping. When second side has 1 minute left, add cheese on top then lightly grill buns. Place burgers onto grilled buns then top with cooked bacon.


Slightly adapted from IA Beef Industry Council.

This recipe is courtesy of Iowa Girl Eats,


These burgers have got some serious panache (always wanted to use that word!) Complex flavor with just a few ingredients. The smell of maple bacon will drive everyone crazy, too – in a good way, of course!

Maple-Bacon Beer Burgers |

I served my Maple Bacon Beer Burgers with grilled asparagus. Just toss asparagus spears onto a hot grill and roll around for a few minutes until tender. Sometimes I toss them with olive oil, salt, and pepper beforehand, but other times not. This time I left ’em plain and simple. Enjoy this meal, friends!

Maple-Bacon Beer Burgers |

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  1. Tieghan 06.26.2013

    These are incredible!! Beer + Bacon + Maple! YUMMY!

  2. Karina 06.26.2013

    These look amazing, thanks for posting!
    I am turning 30 the day after you so happy early birthday to us!! :)

  3. I am glad to see that you used the BEST beer..Coors Light! ;) Nice choice!

  4. That’s a great attitude to have for your 30’s!
    I agree that how you feel is what matters most.
    Glad to see your new grill is getting plenty of use!

  5. Cristina 06.26.2013

    These sound amazing. I wonder how they taste. I generally never add anything into my burgers.. Just salt and pepper the outsides and then go for it with the toppings. I’ll have to give this idea a shot.

  6. Nessa 06.26.2013

    I’m pretty sure that this is how they serve burgers in heaven :)

  7. Kristen 06.26.2013

    Hy Vee shout-out! Best grocery store ever! Great recipe & love the bacon technique!

  8. nancy cowan 06.26.2013

    Sweet-pea: Congrats on your new home and blessings on all those loving people who helped you with the big move. It is kind of nice to imagine you sitting back and ordering everyone about. Of course, I know that didn’t happen and you worked HARD to unpack stuff. That you made dinner on your outdoor grill/kitchen proves that you are indeed a wonder-woman. Now rest and take care of yourself as you are in for an amazing ride. It is so incredible and wonderful – you just won’t believe it until it happens. Little boy – on the way – happy days ahead! Babies rock the world.

  9. Woah!!!! This looks incredible! Beer, bacon and maple in a burger??! AMAZING!

  10. Danielle 06.26.2013

    maybe an odd question, but where did you get the buns?

    • Iowa Girl Eats 06.26.2013

      Dahl’s bakery. I thought the size was just perfect – HyVee’s bakery rolls are a little too big for my tastes!

  11. Dream Mom 06.26.2013

    Congrats on getting moved. LOVE the new pretty kitchen! And the outdoor kitchen, over the moon. Seriously. So glad you got this house…the outdoor kitchen is perfect for you.

    Just made your Maple Pecan Crusted Chicken Salad today-it was very good! Only suggestion is on the recipe, instead of saying to “dunk” it into the pecan panko mixture, perhaps “press” is a better words since it stays on better. Not being nickpicky, cooking just doesn’t come naturally to me, lol, so I need all the help I can.

    Turning 30 is exciting…I’ll be 55 on the 8th of July, so to me, 30 sounds great. By the way, 33 was my favorite age.

  12. We have the same birthday! We are so cool :) I love having a birthday around the 4th. Glad you aren’t freaking out about 30-power to you!

  13. Beth 06.26.2013

    Happy Birthday! Mine is on Monday and reading this reminded me that my drivers license needs to be renewed. Thank you! The burgers sound wonderful. I have a daughter-in-law that is a big stickler about alcohol even though it would cook out. I suppose that I could just not tell her that there’s beer in the burgers, but I’m wondering if you have any suggestions (beyond water) for a substitute?

  14. Lauren Williams 06.26.2013

    I’m sure it is a lot easier going into your 30’s knowing you have a happy lil baby boy awaiting you! I’m definitely looking forward to July because it includes a long much needed family vacation. And I’m hoping July will be much less soggy than June! Burger looks great..Pinned it :)

  15. jodea 06.27.2013

    I’m 33 and can honestly say my thirties have been the best years yet!

  16. Marysue 06.27.2013

    Ok, first of all, fist-bump-congrats on being a ROCKIN’ KEWL CANCER…Happy (early so I don’t forget) Birthday! Mine is coming up on the 17th! Second, don’t be freaked out about the age thing. I saw a sign once that said, “How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you were?” That has stuck with me for YEARS, and I’m a forever 26! Third, this burger looks sooooo yummm! And last, (I saved the best for last!) congratulation and blessings on your little man! Names? Due date? :0)

  17. Brandi 06.27.2013

    I don’t like beer, but these look amazing and I’m totally trying them soon. I was also pregnant when I turned 30 (my first) and I think all that focus on the baby definitely eases you into the next decade :) Love your blog. Especially as a former IA girl

  18. I’m not huge into bacon, but I’m still drooling over this recipe. Summer foods at their finest! LOVE it!

  19. I’ve already had dinner and those photos make me want to have that for a 2nd dinner now!

  20. this is such a great summer recipe! maple bacon anything (doughnuts, burgers, pasta) is my fave…

  21. STEVE PERRY 06.27.2013

    I think Nessa said it all they do serve Maple Bacon beer Burgers in Heaven, I’ll have one before that time. Kristin you are right age doesnt matter, i’m 52 and feel like 25 it’s all in your mind set, I made your Mediterrancan Turket Wrap monday all I can say is, oh baby, damm good,damm good. thanks

  22. Alexa 06.27.2013

    I turn 30 on Sunday–I’m trying not to be weirded out, but my 20’s sure are ending differently than they started!

  23. JennP 06.27.2013

    I’m 8 months behind ya, but I have no problems with 30 either! I’m right where I’d hoped to be at this age. Side note: I loved cooking with beer and wine when I was pregnant (piccatas etc). The booze cooks off and the flavor remains!

  24. Trisha 06.27.2013

    I don’t even really like bacon on burgers (I know…) but I legitimately stared at the first photo for a solid minute before I continued reading. So yum! I have to admit, turning 30 in July sounds soooo much more appealing than when I’ll be turning 30 in December. Then again, if I’ve got a bun in the oven on my 30th, I’ll have no complaints at all. :)

    • Trisha 06.27.2013

      Oh man, does that even make sense?! I was trying to say that a hot, summery 30th birthday sounds far less depressing than a dreary, cold winter 30th. I think all of this rain has flooded my brain…

  25. Good lord! These burgers are luscious!

  26. Alison Collette 06.27.2013

    These look awesome. I wanted to share a little burger life hack with you. I put the bacon under the cheese. It stays on the burger better. :-)

  27. Katie 06.27.2013

    Silly Question….Have you tried grilling your bacon? I live at my parents house so I don’t really want to experiment on their grill, but I’d love to take that one oven step out of the equation.

  28. Tracy 06.27.2013

    I loved turning 30! I felt like I was treated with much more respect once I was no longer “in my 20s”. Like suddenly everyone thought I was more an adult.

    I had my first child at 30 (with 3 more to follow in the next 3 yrs!). It was a whole new life stage as a mom. Great times ahead for you!!

    Happy early Bday!

  29. Tracy 06.27.2013

    p.s. I’ve been having day-ahead syndrome all week and was so bummed when I opened your blog and there was no Friday Favorites! haha Looking forward to tomorrow’s post!

  30. Hi Kristin!
    Thanks for the post “Maple-Bacon Beer Burgers”. I found it very helpful and expect other will find it useful too.


  31. Tamara 06.27.2013

    These look and sound amazing!!!

    • Tamara 06.27.2013

      (BTW, I’m 45 and feel better than ever. You’ve got your life ahead of you, my dear! xoxo)

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  33. OMG this is so ridiculous and i love it.

  34. These look great! Oh and ps I absolutely adore being in my 30s – the past 2 years have been some of the greatest of my life and I am sure they will be just the same for you too!! :)

  35. Susan 06.27.2013

    I made these for dinner but used grass fed beef to avoid the added hormones in regular beef and they were super delicious. Hubby loved them!

    Thanks for sharing the recipe. I want to make your Dad’s Beergaritas on the 4th. I’ll have one for you since you can’t right now.

    Have a safe & happy 4th!

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  38. Yes, yes and yes! Who could turn down a cheesy bacon burger WITH beer?! This is like burger heaven to me! :)

  39. Melissa 07.08.2013

    I made these this 4th weekend for a cookout at the summer house. They were so good ! It was nice to have a “diffrent” type of burger than what we always have. When I mixed them up I let them sit about 10-15 min to let the beer tenderize the hamburger. When packing I forgot to throw in the Worcestershire sauce so I seasoned with garlic salt and pepper and it got the job done. I definitely want to make again with the Worcestershire. Thank you for a new recipe to toss into the rotation

  40. Melissa 07.08.2013

    I made these this 4th weekend for a cookout at the summer house. They were so good ! It was nice to have a “different” type of burger than what we always have. When I mixed them up I let them sit about 10-15 min to let the beer tenderize the hamburger. When packing I forgot to throw in the Worcestershire sauce so I seasoned with garlic salt and pepper and it got the job done. I definitely want to make again with the Worcestershire. Thank you for a new recipe to toss into the rotation

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  42. Tina 05.06.2014

    This looks yummm! But can I skip the maple syrup? I don’t have it right now and I wanna make it soon! :-) (It’s also not so easy fining one where I’m at.

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