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And just like that, it’s December — holy smokes!

My kids have already made their Christmas lists and “snow” is pretty high up there for two out of my three. Not sure how Santa is going to pull that one out of his red sack, but maybe a festive, gluten free Christmas cookie could convince him? ;)

That said, today I’m sharing my Top 10 Gluten Free Christmas Cookies and Treats to whip up this holiday season. Big time emphasis on “gluten free but doesn’t taste like it” because if your gluten free baked goods aren’t as good as the “real thing” — what’s the point?

This recipe roundup is sponsored by my friends at Cameron’s Coffee and their delicious holiday coffee flavors including Crème Brûlée Latte and White Chocolate Peppermint. Could these flavors BE any more festive?

cameron's coffee holiday flavors on a cutting board

My kids insist on Homemade Hot Chocolate anytime they come in from playing in the cold, or we’re doing anything festive like baking Christmas cookies. They’re mostly in it for the mini marshmallows.

Me though? I’d pick a fun and flavorful cup of Cameron’s Coffee over hot cocoa any day.

I’ve been drinking Cameron’s Coffee exclusively for over 7 years now. I know this because after my middle child, whose name is Cameron and is 7, was born, my SIL who was over visiting asked, “did you name him after the coffee?!” when she saw a box of Ecopods in my cupboard. We didn’t name him Cameron after the coffee on purpose, but maybe the repetition of brewing a cup every morning played a part?!

Well here we are over 7 years later and I still buy Cameron’s Coffee each month at the grocery store. Their coffee is smooth, never bitter, and brings coffee shop quality coffee right to your home.

Holiday Coffee Flavors

The two holiday flavors I’m sharing today include Crème Brûlée Latte which come as grounds or Ecopods that you can use in your Keurig. This is a light roast coffee flavored with toasted caramel and vanilla. SO GOOD, and great to brew on a chilly morning, or doll up with a splash of your favorite creamer plus a caramel and crushed cookie rim as a magical nightcap.

cup of cameron's coffee creme brulee coffee with a crushed cookie rim

The second holiday flavor is White Chocolate Peppermint which is another light roast with a sweet peppermint spin. I usually drink my coffee black, so I appreciate the hint of minty sweetness. Each mug is delicious on its own, but is also so so special dolloped with whipped cream and crushed candy canes to melt into the hot coffee.

Look for these two holiday flavors in stores now!

cup of camerons coffee white chocolate peppermint coffee with crushed peppermint

While a morning in the season that shall not be named is almost always made better with a hot cup of coffee, a hot mug also pairs well with any of the gluten free Christmas cookies I’m sharing below.

It can feel especially difficult to live and eat gluten free during the holidays. Not only is this time of year filled with nostalgia of making and eating certain foods that may no longer fit within your gluten free lifestyle, but also parties, potlucks, and celebrations all centered around FOOD!

I totally get it! It can all feel stressful and overwhelming, but when it comes to Christmas Cookies, I’ve got you covered with these 10 gluten free cookie recipes and treat recipes that are perfect for the holidays.

Best Gluten Free Flours for Baking Christmas Cookies

There are dozens and dozens of gluten free flour blends on the market, but I find these two readily available blends to be great for baking Christmas Cookies:

  1. Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free 1-to-1 Baking Flour. This is a fantastic “everyday” gluten free flour blend that already includes xanthan gum as a binder so you don’t need to add anything else to make it work as a 1:1 replacement for all-purpose flour.
  2. King Arthur Gluten Free Measure for Measure Flour. Another great 1:1 replacement for all-purpose flour. Note: King Arthur has a couple different gluten free / paleo flour products, and the packaging all looks very similar, so be sure to get the Measure for Measure blend that includes xanthan gum inside.
  3. Almond flour. One of the recipes below calls for almond flour, and I don’t find any particular brand works better than another. As long as its certified gluten free and labeled “super fine”, you should be good to go.

Most gluten free flour blends that contain a binder work well for gluten free cookie recipes, but these are my go-to, never fail flour blends for cookies, specifically.

Gluten Free Holiday Baking FAQ

Can you provide weights for the gluten free flour amounts in your baking recipes? 

  • The short answer is, no. The longer answer is, because gluten free flour blends all contain different grains/starches that all weigh different amounts, the same quantity of each blend will weigh different amounts. For example, 1/4 cup of the Bob’s Red Mill flour blend I mentioned above weighs 37 grams, while the same amount of the King Arthur blend weighs 31 grams. 1/4 cup of super fine almond flour weighs 28 grams, and so on and so forth!

What’s the best way to measure gluten free flour? 

  • The best way to measure gluten free flour is to use a spoon to scoop the flour/flour blend into a measuring cup then use the back of a knife to level it off. Avoid packing, especially when using starches like tapioca starch or corn starch.

Can I make the gluten free cookie dough ahead of time? 

  • Yes! Making gluten free cookie dough ahead of time actually makes for a better cookie because the gluten free flour has a chance to properly hydrate, which results in smooth, non-gritty cookies. Check out the “Why You Should Refrigerate Your Cookie Dough” section in this post for more information.

Can I freeze gluten free cookie dough?

  • For sure. Scoop the cookie dough onto a wax paper or parchment paper-lined half sheet pan. Press down on each dough ball slightly so they’re more like pucks vs balls, then freeze solid. Transfer the frozen cookie dough into gallon size Ziplock freezer bags then freeze for up to 3 months. Bake frozen according to recipe directions, adding a few extra minutes of baking time if needed.

Can I freeze baked gluten free cookies? 

  • Another yes! Bake then cool the cookies completely and then layer them inside gallon size Ziplock freezer bags between sheets of wax or parchment paper. Freeze for up to 3 months then thaw on the counter.

Where can I find gluten free Christmas sprinkles? 

What chocolate chips are gluten free?

  • I use Enjoy Life baking chocolate for all of my gluten free baking as their products are free from 14 common allergens. More than that, their chocolate is just really good. They also have white chocolate chips which we’ve used to veganize Christmas Crunch before.

Without further ado, grab your aprons — and a festive cup of coffee — turn on some holiday tunes, and lets get to baking!

10 Gluten Free Christmas Cookies and Treats

#1 Soft and Chewy Gluten Free Sugar Cookies

Aka the only gluten free sugar cookie recipe you’ll ever need. Perfectly sweet with that signature crackly top. The dough can be baked as circle/drop cookies, or rolled out then cut into shapes with cookie cutters. Truly indistinguishable from regular sugar cookies.

gluten free sugar cookies decorated with icing

#2 Gluten Free Peanut Butter Blossoms

Peanut Butter “Kiss” Cookies were a Christmas cookie staple in my house growing up, and still are thanks to this gluten free version. The combination of crackly, peanut butter cookies with sweet chocolate kisses is irresistible. At the time of this writing, regular Hershey Kisses ARE gluten free.

Overhead photo of a plate of gluten free peanut butter blossoms

#3 Gluten Free Ginger Molasses Cookies

These “soft batch” style gluten free cookies are full of warming spices and flavors including cinnamon, ginger, ground cloves, and molasses. They just scream “holidays!” to me and are impossible to stop at just one (you’ve been warned). This is a no brainer pairing with a creamy mug of Cameron’s Crème Brûlée Latte coffee.

Chewy Gluten Free Ginger Molasses Cookie with a bite taken out of it.

#4 Almond Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies

I hacked a box mix of super popular (and super expensive!) almond flour cookies and they taste exactly the same for a whole lot less. These silver dollar-sized cookies are perfect for gluten free + grain free cookie lovers.

Almond flour chocolate chip cookies stacked on wooden board

#5 Christmas Crunch

If you think puffcorn is irresistible on its own trying smothering it in melted white chocolate then tossing with peanuts, pretzels, M&Ms and gluten free sprinkles. INSANE! This is the gluten free Christmas treat we make each year to pass out to our neighbors and always make an extra batch to have on hand at home.

Overhead photo of Christmas munch snack mix

#6 Chocolate-Peppermint Puppy Chow

This peppermint spin on puppy chow is legit the best thing since sliced (gluten free) bread. My kids beg for me to make this each year starting in early November. A bowl of this with a mug of Cameron’s White Chocolate Peppermint coffee is an ELITE afternoon pick me up!

chocolate peppermint puppy chow in a large bowl

#7 Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

Meet your new, go-to Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe. These cookies are made with a handful of everyday ingredients, and are crisp on the inside and dense and chewy in the centers. CCC perfection, if I do say so myself!

gluten free chocolate chip cookies on a cooling rack

#8 Chocolate Peppermint Covered Pretzels

The combination of sweet, salty, minty, crunchy, and creamy in Chocolate Peppermint Covered Pretzels is truly irresistible. Dare you to try and eat just one!

chocolate peppermint covered pretzels on a plate

#9 Dark Chocolate Peppermint Bark

This festive treat makes for a great gift because it’s simple to make, and only calls for 3 ingredients. Pair with a bag of Cameron’s White Chocolate Peppermint coffee grounds or Ecopods for super thoughtful holiday gift!

2-Ingredient Dark Chocolate Peppermint Bark couldn't be simpler and is perfect for holiday snacking. Package up and tie in a bow for a sweet homemade gift! |

#10 Brown Butter Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

I’m a sucker for a good oatmeal chocolate chip cookie. Make it gluten free and with brown butter, and I’m hooked! These easy yet special gluten free cookies are a must have for your holiday cookie tray.

gluten free oatmeal chocolate chip cookie with a bite taken out of it

BONUS! Buckeyes

These chocolate covered peanut butter balls are luscious, creamy, and the perfect combination of chocolate and peanut butter — ‘nuf said! A fabulous addition to any holiday cookie plate!

buckeye candies cut in half on a plate

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Photos by Ashley McLaughlin