Platter of Sabra Bean Dips, cheese, and fruit.

Although 3/4 of this family is currently suffering from head colds and there’s 3-5″ of snow in the forecast (insert eye rolls here) patio season is so close I can almost taste it. Actually, I did taste it thanks to the epic Mediterranean Bean Dip Party Board I assembled using Sabra’s new bean dips, whom this post is sponsored by, earlier this week!

While my favorite, favorite, faaaavorite thing to do on a warm Friday evening is relax on the patio with a cold drink in hand whilst the kids run through the irrigation system I mean totally ordinary sprinklers, nibbling my way through a big platter of food for a casual, al fresco dinner is not far behind.

While Ben is usually in charge of assembling said massive snack platters, I think I gave him a run for his money with this meat, cheese, cracker, fruit, crudite, and dip-packed party board. (Phew!) I don’t consider myself to be creative – like, AT ALL – but these boards are such a cinch to throw together with whatever you’ve got in the fridge. Channel your inner Picasso then assemble for a causal nighttime nibble with your family or for your next patio shindig, girl’s night, pool party, or book club.

Container of Sabra Mediterranean White Bean Dip.

As I mentioned, this Mediterranean Bean Dip Party Board features Sabra’s new Mediterranean Bean Dips. If you’re a long time reader then you know that Sabra’s hummus and guacamole have been staples in our refrigerator for many years as healthy, gluten-free, dip/snack/4th-meal options that we turn to again and again and again. When it comes to hummus, especially, I always say, Sabra makes it best so why bother making it homemade?

That said, I’m happy to tell you that the feeling extends to their new, Mediterranean bean dips. They are SO, so good, feature incredible ingredient lists, are plant-based, and even pack a little protein. They anchor a party board really well and pair with everything from crudite to crackers, and everything in between.

Sabra Mediterranean White Bean Dip

My favorite of the three dips is the Spinach & Roasted Garlic Mediterranean White Bean Dip, which is super garlicky and features little flecks of spinach. Perfect to pair with crackers and a cold glass of white wine. Not only do I adore this dip but Cameron is especially obsessed. He and I crushed 3/4 of a tub the first time we tried it!

The Red Bean with Sundried Tomato & Basil Dip is deliciously bold and savory, while still fresh tasting from the basil, and pairs well with sliced cucumbers and carrots, especially. Lincoln LOVES this dip.

Lastly, the Black Bean with Roasted Tomato & Paprika Dip is really hearty and if you love smoked paprika like I do, you’ll appreciate its bold, zesty flavor. Truly you cannot go wrong with any of these three tasty bean dips.

Container of Sabra Mediterranean Black Bean Dip.

Now like I said, these dips are great for anchoring party boards/platters – I use my biggest cutting board though use what you’ve got – then raid the fridge and pantry for goodies to fill in the cracks with. May I suggest…

  • Cheese cubes
  • Salami/prosciutto
  • Fresh fruits and berries – grapes, strawberries, apple slices, melon
  • Rice crackers
  • Almond crackers
  • Dried fruit (especially dried figs and apricots!)
  • Fig jam
  • Pepper jelly
  • Vegetable dippers – celery, cucumber, baby carrots, sliced radishes, snap peas, broccoli florets
  • Pickled/marinated vegetables
  • Olives
  • Nuts

Party Board with meats, cheeses, crackers, and crudite.

Sabra’s new bean dips are available in grocery stores NOW, and can be found in the refrigerated deli/dips section. Whether you pick up one, two or all three to try, I hope you love assembling and more importantly – eating! – this fun, Mediterranean Bean Dip Party Board if/when the weather decides to cooperate. And hey, if we’re stuck here in eternal winter, these boards also make great fire-side treats. Let’s just hope it doesn’t come to that! Enjoy!

Mediterranean Party Board with Sabra Bean Dips