photo collage of 2021 holiday gift guide for women

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Welcome to the holiday season – I cannot believe it’s here! Honestly I’m in a daily battle with myself to keep the Christmas tree in storage before Thanksgiving. Last year we decorated early because, well, 2020, and it truly added some much needed sparkle to our daily lives.

First let’s talk about what to tuck under said tree! We’ve all heard rumblings about starting holiday shopping early this year due to supply chain issues and shipping challenges, and it’s been my experience so far that holiday gifts are already selling like HOT CAKES. I’m trying to hold off on ordering the kids’ gifts for a couple more weeks because their interests change so quickly (truly hope I don’t regret that) but for the ladies and gents in my life, I’m planning ahead and getting gifts for them NOW.

That said, today I’m sharing my 2021 Women’s Holiday Gift Guide! I think the best kind of gift to give is one the receiver wouldn’t necessarily buy for themselves, but is useful. Something that won’t just sit around collecting dust, you know? I feel confident that your mom, sister, grandmother, best friend, cousin, or partner will adore any of these super special gift ideas!

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Women’s Holiday Gift Guide

01. Scout & Cellar Wines: A friend recently introduced me to Scout & Cellar Wines when I was telling her I’d been reacting to my favorite wines – sneezing, headaches, etc. S&C Wines are clean-crafted, low in sulfites and I had ZERO reaction after drinking them. NONE! I was shocked!!! All the wines I’ve tried so far have been so delicious – a wine club membership would be a great gift for the wine lover in your life!

02. MoMA Bubble Rocking Tumblers: Because she’ll need something to drink that wine out of! ;) Aren’t these glasses beautiful? They’re designed to look like bubbles. Super unique and whimsical, and a gorgeous addition to her glassware collection.

03. Leda Cozy Socks: ‘Tis the season for soft and squishy socks! We all know a gal who loves all things soft and cozy during the season that shall not be named (hi!) and these would be a fabulous gift or stocking stuffer for her.

04. Orange Sanguine Pure Perfume: I received a sample of this perfume with a Sephora purchase I made last year and instantly fell in love…then bought a bigger bottle. It’s super, super clean and fresh smelling. Great for someone who doesn’t love heavy or overly-floral scents.

05. Brooklyn Joggers: These are my go-to comfortable yet polished looking joggers. They are so pretty in person and fit into practically any wardrobe. I have them in 3 colors/styles – a must have for the on-the-go Mama! Size up for her if she’s in between sizes.

06. Silk Pillowcase: Silk pillowcases are beneficial for everything from preventing hair breakage and damage, to reducing breakouts – plus this one has a zipper so it won’t slip off her pillow. This would be a super special treat for your beauty-conscious babe.

07. Simple Modern 64oz Water Bottle: For the thirsty girl in your life! I LOVE my giant water bottle because I only have to fill it up two times a day, vs 3-4 times a day with smaller bottles. If the gal you’re thinking of is health conscious, or setting health goals for herself, this is a great gift. It’s also comparable quality to Hydroflask at a fraction of the price.

08. MUK LUKS Slippers: My parents get me a new pair of MUK LUKS slippers every year because I love them so much and wear them every single the temperature dips below 50 degrees (which is a lot when you live in Iowa.) If you don’t know what to get your gal, you can’t go wrong with a comfy pair of slippers.

09. AirPods Pro: I received a set of AirPods for Christmas last year and use them every single day for the noise canceling feature and/or for music while working out – they’re very comfortable and stay in place. This gift will definitely delight her!

10. Big Boards for Families: My friend Sandy just published an amazing charcuterie and food spread book and it is the PERFECT gift for the woman who loves to entertain. Dozens of unique ideas with beautiful photos so she can style her spreads just like Sandy’s.

11. Fellow Clear Coffee Glasses: I visited a new to me coffee shop recently and my latte was served in a glass mug – it made the experience SO much more special feeling! If your lady loves her homemade lattes, or just wants to elevate her morning cup of coffee, these would be a home run.

12. Currently Co. Candles: These locally made, small batch candles contain phthalate-free fragrance oils so they’re clean burning and toxin free. Best of all their scents are INSANE!! Super complex and pleasing – they’ll make your home smell like a little boutique.

13. YETI 14oz Travel Mug: We are a YETI cup family and I’m asking for this travel mug for the holidays. It’s truly shocking how long drinks stay hot or cold in them. Perfect for the busy lady whose coffee is always getting cold while they rush around here, there, and everywhere.

14. Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Mat: For your beauty loving babe! This mat is a must have for women who love and wear makeup. Psst: speaking of brushes/applicators, I love this powder/bronzer brush, this foundation buffing brush, and my Beautyblender – all are great stocking stuffers!

15. The Big One Supersized Plush Throw: You know what I can’t wrap my mind around? Spending a ton of money on a blanket. Treat her to the largest, softest blanket that’s not only UNDER $20, but comes in dozens of colors and patterns to fit her style. We LOVE these blankets at our house!

16. Patagonia Better Sweater Fleece Jacket: Ben gifted me this fleece for Christmas a few years ago and it is hands down the warmest thing I own outside of an actual coat. Looks super sharp and again, IS SO WARM! Plus it’s a Patagonia so it will literally last forever. Here’s a half zip option if she’s more into that look.

17. Jade Roller: If the gal you have in mind loves skin care, a jade roller is a must have for her routine. It is unbelievable how much it can reduce swelling and puffiness in the morning. I swear by mine!

18. Fingerless Cashmere Gloves: Pamper her with lux, cashmere gloves that won’t break the bank. I love all the fun colors these gloves come in.

19. 1,000 Piece Round Earth Puzzle: Both Ben’s Mom and my Mom are super into puzzles and I know this one would delight either of them. 1,000 pieces, and ROUND! If your puzzle loving lady likes a challenge – this is a great one to try.

Bonus: Amazon Gift Card. Hey, if you can’t decide what she wants for Christmas, let her her click “add to cart” herself with an Amazon gift card. :)

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!