Tropical Overnight Oats


Tropical overnight oats can actually be made in just 20 minutes. Creamy, sweet and refreshing – this combination will send you straight to the tropics!


Reason #4,762 why I love almond/peanut butter: you can use the near empty jar to make hot & silky Oats In a Jar. Thus, sights like this upset me greatly.


Fumble fingers here blew her chance at utilizing a near empty jar of almond butter to create her favorite, luscious breakfast this morning, so she set her sights on Tropical Oats instead. And then stopped talking about herself in the third person…


In the mix:

  • 1/4 cup old fashioned oats
  • 1 Pineapple Chobani Greek Yogurt
  • Splash of skim milk
  • 1 banana (1/2 smashed in with oats/yog, 1/2 on top)
  • 1 chopped mango
  • Sliced almonds


Mixed together and left to sit for about 20 minutes. The oats still get semi soft and chewy, even if you don’t leave them in the yog/milk overnight. Tropical paradise in a dish. Seriously! Banana? Exotic. Pineapple? Exotic. Mango? Exotic! LOVE this combo! Toasted coconut would be divine. too.


I’ve got a nice 4-square of munchables for a graze-esque-type lunch today.


DSC_0020 DSC_0021

In our first corner we’ve got a massive Honeycrisp Apple + Almond Butter.


Taken from a new jar that I now have to get down to the broken jar’s levels!


HC’s were on crazy sale this weekend at the store, and I got 6 or 7 for the price that I usually pay for 2 or 3! This crispy apple is perfect for dipping in AB. :)


In our remaining corners we’ve got mixed veggies, that may or may not find their way into the almond butter,


and a Peanut Butter & Jelly Larabar! Of all the Larabars, I think this one tastes most like its name. It’s crazy good. :)


I like lunches that I can eat over the course of an afternoon!


In other news, I hate to keep bombarding you guys with these requests, but voting for Project Food Blog #3 – Luxury Dinner Party – is now open! Only 100 finalists move on to the next challenge, so I’d love your vote, for my Cozy Lunch Menu interpretation of a luxurious dinner party, if you feel I deserve it. I won’t pester you to vote everyday…I might just remind you on the last day if that’s coo… :)

This afternoon I’m stopping by a potential gym to join! One of the perks at my last job was having an onsite gym and, since winter’s coming, I need to find one pronto. I’d love to run outside in the cold, but it kills my ears! How much do you pay for your gym membership and where do you live? Just want to make sure I don’t get hosed. ;)

Anyways – onward! I’ve got things to do and jobs to learn! See ya!


What was your last fumble in the kitchen?

While cooking for my lunch party on Sunday, instead of heating up the burner under the giant pot of water that needed to be boiled for pasta, I cranked up the one under a soft and squishy oven mitt. Luckily I figured it out before it caught on fire! Eeks! 8O

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  1. AmyLou 10.05.2010

    Good morning!

    Congrats on the new job – it sounds super exciting and awesome! :)

    Gym: I literally *just* joined Gold’s Gym on 22nd St (near Michael’s). It was $19.99/pp and $24 signing fee. They usually have specials. If you’re looking for a couple/family membership at a place with perks like a cardio theater (hello, watch movies while you run! :) ) or classes, this is so worth it. I looked into virtually every other gym in the area and this had the best deal for the things I wanted. HTH!

    Kitchen Fumble: I have a tendency to light things on fire in my toaster oven. For example, did you know whole wheat tortillas ignite faster than regular white ones? LOL.. . . .yeah. . .

    • AmyLou 10.05.2010

      Oh, but to get the $19.99 price, I had to sign up for several years. Not sure what they charge if you don’t want a long-term contract.

  2. I have fumbles in the kitchen all the time! Seriously almost every day. I just ruined a big batch of muffins last night.

  3. Emily 10.05.2010

    I belong to the YMCA here (about an hour outside of Raleigh, NC) and I pay $47 per month for just me. Yea – it’s a little steep. There’s a Planet Fitness that just opened that’s $15 a month BUT a.) it’s in a place that I don’t want to be when it’s dark out, b.) there’s not group fitness classes (spin, sculpt, pilates) c.) I’ve gotten used to the familiar faces at the Y, and d.) it’s closed on Saturdays. So yes, I pay a lot for the gym – but me paying that hunk of money MAKES me go. I’m there Mon-Fri (sometimes Saturday or Sunday) and I make sure to utlize the group fitness classes to feel like I’m really getting my money’s worth.

  4. Alison 10.05.2010

    Poor jar! :( I go to Anytime Fitness on Grand and have a ‘family rate’ with two of my friends…we pay 70 a month.. Just an fyi. Good luck at day #2! I especially like this gym because I can choose any location in DSM.. go from work, from home..whichever is most convenient.

  5. Haley 10.05.2010

    I live on the GA side of Chattanooga, TN, and my hubs and I took advantage of a “family” membership BOGO offer at The Rush (a 24-hour gym), which is owned by the founders of Gold’s Gym, and we pay $38/mo, and we asked them to waive the joining fee ($100+) and they did! AND, the perk was that the monthly charge would NEVER change, even after our contract was up and we paid month-to-month. We’re in our 5th year and the price has never gone up, plus we get the perks of childcare, great classes, among other things…Best wishes with finding one! Don’t be afraid to ask for waived fees, and if they throw in a few free personal training sessions too (that’s a tip from another friend of mine that worked for me!)!

  6. Lisa 10.05.2010

    Not a member to a gym, but do a hot yoga class once a week in WDM at Green Yoga House. Its a great workout.

  7. I have cooking fails every day. I always burn myself, burn the food, forget something, etc. It usually works out, though. I am clumsy by nature, so that means a lot of “fumble fingers” for me! I pay a lot for my gym- $65 a month! But, that’s MA for ya.

  8. Ms.S 10.05.2010

    Gym: YWCA in Minneapolis $58 for one person, $92 for a couple. Husband’s health insurance reduces his cost by $20/month if he goes 12 times in a month.
    Kitchen fumble: I was hosting some friends for dinner and making one of my favorite dishes. My husband loves the dish, too, and picked up many of the veggies needed from the farmer’s market – he told me I should use all the zucchini he’d picked up. Not thinking much of it (ie: NOT paying attention to the recipe), I chopped up 4 zucchini and a boat load of other veggies only to discover that this was QUADRUPLING the recipe. Dinner was served SO late because of it, which made me feel bad, but when husband came home he said “Whoa!! That’s A LOT of veggies! What made you make so much?” *sighs & shakes head*

  9. jad18 10.05.2010

    I really love my gym, although I have not been going lately since I have training for the 1/2 marathon and really only running outside. My gym is just over $50 per month, which I think is reasonable b/c it includes unlimited classes and is about 5 minutes from home.

  10. I have a 24 hour fitness membership – one that gives me access to any of the many locations in Denver. I pay $23/month cheap enough that I don’t feel so bad for not using it during the good weather months when I’d rather be outside!

  11. Jenna 10.05.2010

    I pay $30 for my fiance & I at our local gym. Its not a big name chain, which is awesome. Everyone knows you.. there are yoga, pilates, six pack abs, yogalates (a mix of the two) & hip hop dance classes!! All free for members. I also get a discount through my work, so normally for one person it would be $20. And this is in central WI.

    I highly recommend checking the small name gyms. We wouldn’t go to a Anytime Fitness after going to Francks!

  12. Stephanie 10.05.2010

    Ug I have a love/hate relationship with NYC. I pay $90 a month and had to pay $200 up front to join. It’s disgustingly expensive but it’s the cheapest gym in NYC.

  13. It looks like breakfast turned out okay, even with the “fail” in there. :)

    My job just recently got an on-site gym, so I don’t have to pay anything at the moment. But in North Dakota most gyms are $20-30/month, depending on plans and what’s included, etc. So for us it’s not too bad…especially if you actually go!

  14. Claire 10.05.2010

    I pay $41 a month at the YMCA in Birmingham, AL. I love it because there are 9 locations in my area that I can go to. Also, my Y has an “away program” which lets me go to any of the Y’s across the country when I’m traveling. It defintely helps me keep on track when I’m visiting family, or on a trip for work. Plus there are loads of GREAT classes and it’s very family friendly. I.E.–No gross body builders trying to hit on me…. You know the type! :)

  15. Heather 10.05.2010

    I absolutely love honeycrisp apples – lucky you to find them on sale!

    My last kitchen mishap included burning an entire baking sheet of kale chips. Sadly, burned kale chips do not taste very good.

  16. I actually have access to 2 gyms but rarely go. Gym 1 belongs to our apt complex & is included w/ our rent. Husband goes alot, I just like to run outside. I’m weird like that. Gym 2 is at my university. I rarely go there because it’s a pain with 40,000 students + faculty + community members using it… but it’s nice to know it’s there! :)

    As for kitchen fumbles… well, I always spill everything on the floor and on myself when cooking. Last night the crisp of the apple crisp went tumbling to the floor… it was sad. I scooped some and put it on (it hadn’t cooked yet- won’t that cook the germs off? hehe). :)

  17. Emily 10.05.2010

    your tropical oats looks fantastic!!! sucks about your broken almond/peanut butter jar being broken.

    I pay $45 a month in North Carolina. Even though I graduate from ECU, I still go to their gym…but of course, I have to pay now. But I have joined other gyms in NC and its around the same price. I think if you pay over $50 then you are getting overpriced!

    Good luck on Day 2 of your new job!
    I voted for you! Good luck!

  18. Jill 10.05.2010

    I pay $47 a month for the YMCA in Evansville Indiana. I like all the classes it offers and it’s close to work.

  19. Rose 10.05.2010

    Oh no! What a travesty! I think my most recent fumble was getting the pepper in my eye. What a disaster!

  20. You’re the second blog today that’s posted photos of something delicious that they dropped and broke! MMMM! Honeycrisp apples are so delicious on their own, who needs the almond butter?!

    I keep reading about you putting yogurt in your oatmeal but I’m afraid to try it! I usually only by the plain flavor, is that any good in oatmeal? Or would you recommend sticking to flavored varieties?

  21. Larissa H 10.05.2010

    37 a month at a future fitness ( love it and its worth the money) i recently upgrade from planet fitness and love the classes and spinning and swimming and such making it so worth it.

    • Larissa H 10.05.2010

      also this is in the philadelphia area.

  22. Nikki Sue 10.05.2010

    I pay $64.00 for my fiance and I at Aspen Athletics. We got a great deal b/c we are Wells Fargo employees, and they have a deal through Aspen. Whichever gym you join, check to see if your new employer offers a deal through them.

    My last kitchen fumble was dropping my peach mango applesauce from the fridge, and it burst everywhere! My dogs were there to help me clean it up though. :)

  23. Amanda 10.05.2010

    I’ve definitely dropped that jar before too! I remember it happened in slow motion–just like the movies. Gyms here in the Chicago area can be $50-60/month. I can’t really recall the sign up fees, but in many instances, you can either talk that price down or get it waived all together!

  24. Melissa 10.05.2010

    I live in Council Bluffs so same general price range as you I would think. I pay $65 per month for a family membership so my brother and I can both go. If solo it was $40 or $45 a month I think. This is at the YMCA. Good luck!

  25. Kim 10.05.2010

    I pay $46.64/month for a single membership at Aspen Athletics. I love that I can go to any of their locations and they have great classes to keep it interesting!

  26. Alisha 10.05.2010

    My husband and I are part of Praire Life Fitness in West Des Moines on 50th & Mills Civic Pkwy -pretty much on across the way from Hy-Vee on Mills & 50th. I love this gym. I pay quarterly for my husband and I about 200.00, when I was single I paid about $59.00 per month. Which is not bad for what you get: Hot-tub in womens locker-room, schedule of free classes (spin, yoga, pilates), aroma-therpy steam room, sauna, indoor and outdoor pool! :) Full cardio/strength training on the upperdeck: Elipticals, treadmills, row machines, step machine as well every large variety of free weights, weight machines. If your hubby is joining, they have full basketball courts as well which is always nice. Overall the gym is great, I pay a little extra but with everything you get, its not much more than what you would pay anywhere else. If you join, your provided to meet ‘one on one’ with a personal trainer, ask questions, work out with them and if anything you get awesome advice from a professional!

    • Alisha 10.05.2010

      Also towel service! Love it!

  27. dmcgirl 10.05.2010

    Really beautiful pics this morning!

  28. Darci 10.05.2010

    I live in central iowa & pay $42 for both my husband & I to have access to our local gym w/2 different locations. happy gym hunting!!

  29. AnneWF 10.05.2010

    My biggest fumble in the kitchen happened a long time ago. I was very young and newly married. Our apartment was small and had no drawers for utensils so I put them into a baking pan and stored them in the oven. I was going to cook for them and turned on the oven to preheat…you guessed it. Many of my utensils were made of plastic or had plastic handles. It all melted together into one big utensil blob. It was actually kinda neat looking. I kept it and hung it in the kitchen and called it my oven art.
    I was a member of a fitness center and paid monthly dues but now I work there so my membership is free!

  30. Sarah W. 10.05.2010

    Northern VA/DC area – I am a member of Fitness First and have always paid $33/month. They recently sent an email around saying if I fork over $99, they will change my monthly rate to $19.95/month never to go up again. So now I pay $19.95/month!

    My gym offers basic amenities like shower, sauna, steam room and childcare, plus spinning classes, and other exercise classes, cardio area and weight lifting area.

    There is NO pool however. :(

    1) You should never have to pay the initiation fee
    2) You should be able to negotiate a smaller monthly fee if you agree to pay for a year or so upfront, as opposed to a monthly charge :)

    Hope this helps!

  31. My gym is state of the art and it is about 35 dollars a month. It includes group fitness galore, a lap pool, tvs on each machine, a yoga room, etc. Gold’s Gym will always give you the best bang for your buck!!!

  32. Emily 10.05.2010

    I live in Des Moines :) and, after doing Farrell’s for over a year (which was great), I joined the YMCA and LOVE it. So far I’ve only been to the Walnut Creek Y, but the membership is good for any – and I heard Waukee’s is amazing. It’s $50 a month and worth every penny for the variety of courses, the great equipment, and the nice employees. Let me know if you have questions!

  33. Sarah 10.05.2010

    I’ve dropped things on occasion too. I hate it. But that looks like a yummy breakfast! I had homemade banana bread for breakfast today. It was delicious. I live at school right now so I can use the new Wellness Center for free.

  34. I love my Y! I pay $41 a month for my husband and I. We live in eastern Iowa – so you should be able to get a pretty comparable price in the Des Moines area.

    Speaking of Des Moines – I am running the IMT Des Moines Half this year! Very excited as I’ve heard it is a great race. Any great suggestions for lunch after the race?

  35. haha my last kitchen fumble fingers was that i dropped a glass out of a cupboard that landed bang onto my £400 KitchenAid that we had just got the week before as a wedding gift from my parents! it chipped it like hell, i cried for like a whole 30 minutes! there were sobs and gasps and lots or real tears! the AWESOME peeps over at kitchen aid are replacing it for me though at a relatively small cost!! phew!!

  36. anne 10.05.2010

    I pay about $36/month for my fitness center (in SW Missouri). That includes all classes and one free training session.

  37. allijag 10.05.2010

    I’ve voted for you every round! :) This time is no different! ;) Hope you win!

  38. Celeste 10.05.2010

    I also go to Gold’s Gym on 22nd St. I got in on a special last year and I pay $15/month. Even the $19.99/month they are offering right now isn’t bad though. I like it because it has a lot of equipment, good classes and it is between my work in West Des Moines and home in Grimes.

  39. The city rec center near my work has corporate memberships for $30 / month. It has a pool, courts, gym, full weights, classes, etc.

    The last blunder I had was almost chopping off my finger trying to make sardine salad! It bled FOREVER but is pretty much healed now.

  40. Vanessa 10.05.2010

    I live in Texas in the DFW and our city has A FABULOUS recreation center. Normally, for residents it’s a measley $50 a year! BBUUUT, because I am a city employee my membership ended up costing me nothing :) :) but I do pay a little extra to take classes here and there.

  41. I live in STL where I pay $26/month to belong to our local Bally Total Fitness. It has a boot camp class I love (the real reason I go), but also lots of machines and weights, other classes, and a pool. Right now it’s closed bc they had a fire but I’m hoping it reopens before winter starts!

  42. Michele 10.05.2010

    The new gym that re-opened and changed its name by Legends on 50th has $150 joining fee and $19.95/ month for single membership and you can cancel anytime. I also heard they have YOGA classes that are free.

  43. Jill 10.05.2010

    My last epic fail was on Sun, I tried to make mac and cheese but the cheese turned out awful! so I just make pasta and red sauce.

  44. Miranda 10.05.2010

    Thanks for the recommendation of the Homeycrisp apples, I finally saw them at a store while I was out of town and am so glad I tried them. So very yummy, too bad my local grocery doesn’t carry them.

    Our town is so tiny that we do not have a decent gym, so I am stocking up on cold running gear and hopefully will be able to brave the freezing temps this winter, and when I can’t I have an eliptical at home. Good luck on your search!

  45. AJ 10.05.2010

    I am finishing up the 10 week bodyshaping program at Kosama (somewhat similar to Farrell’s but with a few major differences) in downtown Des Moines. Once the 10 weeks is up, I am going to pay $49/mo to continue to take the classes. I don’t know how this would compare to a normal gym since I have never really belonged to a more conventional gym. Kosama offers one hour long group classes six days a week. We do kickboxing (cardio), kettlebells (strength), yoga (flexibility), etc., and I like the variety. It includes access to an online meal-tracking system, meals plans and a nutritonist. I pay $49/mo because I agreed to pay for a whole year at once; the amount is higher if you pay month by month or in other increments.

  46. sassy molassy 10.05.2010

    When I run outside in the fall and winter, I usually wear a nike ear warmer/headband. It’s thin but gives just enough protection to the ears. Since I work at a university, I go to the very modern gym there. It costs me $70/term, which is about $23/month. Quite affordable. When I checked around at the other local gyms in town, they were more like $40-50/month for older facilities and equipment. So I workout with the college kids!

    I got a great deal on some honeycrisps this weekend at the local farm. I think they were $1.59/lb vs the $2-3/lb at the grocery store. And they were much better tasting!

  47. Jenna 10.05.2010

    I do not recommend Aspen Athletics in Des Moines. You will get hassled into buying something every chance they get. Even though I use my work gym, I have heard good things about Anytime Fitness!

  48. So sad about the jar :(
    I joined my local YMCA.. no initiation fee at the time and only around 20 a month!

  49. Maggie 10.05.2010

    I go to the Walnut Creek Y in W. Des Moines, but I’ve heard the new Y Wellness Center in Clive is awesome. The thing I like about the Y is that the contract is month to month so if you want to drop it in the warmer months you don’t have a penalty. Also they give discounts for almost all employers so I got my joining fee ($20) dropped.

  50. Mellissa 10.05.2010

    My gym membership is pretty expensive, $90 a month but that is my yoga and gym membership combined.

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