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Ben’s was out of town helping a friend move from San Francisco to New York earlier this week, which once again proved to me that absence makes the heart grow fonder and more appreciative. That said, prepare for some mush in today’s Father’s Day-focused post!

PS this photo makes me simultaneously well up with tears and laugh my face off. Such a tender moment caught on camera…at our favorite fast-causal Mexican restaurant. We’d run out of free chips and salsa, you see.


Anyway, when Ben proposed I couldn’t believe I’d get to spend the rest of my life with one of the greatest human beings on the planet. When I joke about marrying up – I am, in fact, not joking. For some reason Ben, the most selfless, loyal, giving, kind, encouraging, thoughtful, and decent person I have ever known chose ME, of all people, to marry, and most days I still can’t believe it. He is such a remarkable husband that when I found out we were expecting Lincoln, I wasn’t scared for a second.

That came later when we decided to sleep train. THE HORROR.

As wonderful of a husband Ben is, he’s an even better Dad. When it comes to Lincoln, there’s not a day too hot to pick strawberries.


Nor too cold for an easter egg hunt (and let me tell you, that day was COLD.)


There’s not a ridiculous, far-fetched activity from my brain that he won’t try.


Nor an experience he won’t share with our little man. Lincoln is the luckiest kid in the world.


I’m so happy to honor my heat-hating, pool and snow-playing, do-whatever-it-takes husband this Father’s Day by sharing 10+ of his favorite recipes here on IGE, which I think your Dad or husband will flip for too. Ben loves all kinds of foods, except mayo and mustard (except when they’re in tuna salad because “each ingredient’s individual funkiness cancels each other out.” Riddle me that.) but especially comfort food like steaks, potatoes, whiskey (how’d that get in there,) and well, you’ll see!

Now I can’t go into this particular recipe roundup without mentioning my Dad and Father in Law! The biggest gift my Dad ever gave me and my brothers was showing us by example what a good husband and father looks like and does. They say you choose someone exactly like your Dad to marry, or the exact opposite, and Ben reminds me of my Dad in the best way possible. It’s no wonder they get along so well, and Ben looks up to him so much.

My Father in Law is someone I am privileged and honored to call family. He shaped Ben into the Dad he is today, and proves day after day that the most important work is done out of the spotlight. Lincoln loves his Pa so, so much.

Lincoln and I are both incredibly lucky to be surrounded by such good men, so to them we say happy Father’s Day (and let’s eat!) ?



Perfect Grilled Steak with Herb Butter

Perfect Grilled Steak with Herb Butter was a collaborative effort of Ben’s and mine (he concocted the rub then showed me the method to grill perfect steaks, while I stirred herbs into softened butter. Typical.) But it proved that teamwork makes the dream work! If Dad likes steak, he’ll go nuts for this recipe. And promise you won’t skip the homemade steak rub nor melty herb butter – they both totally make the steak.

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Crock Pot Italian Beef Sandwiches

Ben was skeptical of Crock Pot Italian Beef Sandwiches the first time I made them – he’s a Chicago Italian Beef Sandwich connoisseur, apparently – but he instantly changed his tune after taking a bite of these sandwiches. Juicy, meaty, and packed with flavor (which can be difficult to achieve in the crock pot,) this is a man-approved meal for sure.

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Crispy Kale, Bacon & Basil Farmer’s Market Hash

Breakfast hash is one of Ben’s specialties – his home fries are off the chain – so Crispy Kale, Bacon & Basil Farmer’s Market Hash has my guy’s name written all over it. I can definitely see this being a hit as breakfast in bed!

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Crock Pot Sausage and Peppers

If Dad loves Italian food, Crock Pot Sausage and Peppers is a no brainer for Father’s Day dinner. Slow cook all day then serve over gluten-free pasta if needed, or stuff into crusty Italian rolls with thin slices of provolone cheese if gluten isn’t an issue. Everyone will flip for this craveable dish.

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Easy Baked Ribs

If Dad loves ribs, throw a slab of Easy Baked Ribs into the oven for him to enjoy without having to lift a finger. Ben loves smoking ribs but can’t argue that these oven-baked baby backs are ridiculously delicious. The meat falls right off the bone.

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Surf and Turf for Two

If it’s just the two of you for Father’s Day, Surf and Turf for Two has got to be on the menu. Tender filet mignon and seared sea scallops will make Dad feel like the king that he is. Ben LOVES this recipe! Again, he, uh, made it up.

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Man-Pleasing Chicken

I created Man-Pleasing Chicken after trying a recipe of a similar name and having it miss the mark. This rendition, however, sent my man into an emotional tailspin (which is a good thing.) Bonus: it’s ready in just 30 minutes. Crack open a cold one and serve this dish up hot.

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Prosciutto-Wrapped Mediterranean Lamb Burgers with Bruschetta

For all the adventurous Papas out there! Both Ben and my Dad went absolutely nuts for Prosciutto-Wrapped Mediterranean Lamb Burgers with Bruschetta after I posted it last year. In fact, if I remember correctly, I think my Dad made a special trip over to our house just to try them. HA! These burgers are so unique yet the flavor isn’t totally “out there”. It’s familiar yet exciting and I know Dad will love it.

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Dijon Brown Sugar Marinated Steak

File Dijon Brown Sugar Marinated Steak under “totally unappreciated recipes” here on IGE. It’s hard to communicate just how delicious this steak recipe is, which calls for a 3-ingredient (plus salt and pepper) marinade, but let me try real quick: REALLY FREAKING DELICIOUS! If Dad likes steak, go a little outside the box and grill this easy dish up. He’ll totally love it.

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Easy Chicken and Rice Soup

An option for Dads who might be feeling a little under the weather this Father’s Day – tear! Easy Chicken and Rice Soup is Ben’s #1 favorite soup recipe of mine and I think your guy will really like it too.

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Incredible Italian Meatballs

Incredible Italian Meatballs are named as such because Ben took one bite and deemed them to be “incredible!” That said, if Dad likes comfort food, get a big batch of these meatballs simmering in savory sauce for dinner this Father’s Day.

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Blueberry Almond Crisp

I included the recipe for Blueberry Almond Crisp in my Mother’s Day recipe roundup, but while I love the crisp topping, Ben’s favorite part of this easy recipe is the blueberry filling. What can I say, it’s a dessert that everyone can appreciate in one way or another!

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