When Ben and I started planning Lincoln’s nursery we found ourselves with, well, no plans at all! Not huge fans of traditional nursery designs and color schemes, we both could agree that we wanted a neutral-toned, calming room with light-colored accents that would send Lincoln straight to dreamland while we rocked him to sleep each night…plus neither of us wanted to re-paint the already taupe-colored walls. I know.

(PS is there anything more fresh than a baby in a white onesie?!)


At any rate, full of things we picked out from here and there, I think we’ve ended up with a very soothing and relaxing room that Lincoln can put his own touch on when he’s a bit older. Welcome to the nursery!

In one corner we’ve got the glider. If you remember, Ben and I went back and forth on this baby for MONTHS. I wanted something that glided, he wanted something that rocked, neither of us could decide if we wanted a chair that reclined… In the end we chose a glider/ottoman combo from Buy Buy Baby (so sorry I forget the name of it!) It glides like a dream and after a week or so the cushy padded seat started to settle and get more comfortable. I kind of wish it reclined a little, but it’s not a deal breaker. I’m happy with our purchase, and we were able to use their 20% off store coupon on it.


You may recognize the curtains from the kitchen in our old house. Drilled ’em in myself! Our new kitchen didn’t need curtains and the light blue, navy, and brown waves in the fabric design went perfectly with the rest of the room. I got them at IKEA a few years ago and I think they still stock them.

Above the rocker we hung a sweet print our friends Kristy and Jeff got us (locals it’s from Suite Dreams.) Again – the taupey-brown shade fit right in and I can imagine Lincoln and I reading it together each morning when he wakes up. : )


Across the way is a bookshelf I picked up from Target. The espresso finish matches the rest of the furniture and right now it holds Lincoln’s books, stuffed animals, and other odds and ends.


Oh hi!


Although he won’t be wearing shoes for many, many months, the little man already has quite the collection, from the shoes we used to surprise my family at the gender reveal (which I remember thinking there was no possible way a baby’s foot could fit inside because they were so little, and now that I realize how tiny his feet are they seem like oversized clown shoes!) his first pair of Air Jordans from our friend John, and even woven flip flops from our friend Lindsey. Squeal – too cute!


I loved, loved, loved reading as a child (seriously, loved) and I hope Lincoln does too. We’re slowly but surely building up his book collection. What are your favorite books to read to your babies? An assortment of loveys are all ready to go, too!


I know, I know – time for bed. I’m almost done!


Caddy corner to the bookshelf is the dresser/changing table. This is a dresser from Babi Italia’s Ashville line that I was gifted along with the crib I’m getting to next. This is a sturdy and beautifully-built piece that Lincoln will keep in his bedroom forever. Still trying to decide what to put above it. I’m thinking a giant map/mural of the world to pass my love of travel and exploring onto the little guy would look good.

We also have a Diaper Champ Deluxe which I like because it uses regular 13 gallon kitchen bags vs bags that you have to buy specifically to fit the diaper pail. Sometimes I wish it was a bit bigger, but then again, that’s probably by design!


On top of the dresser you’ve got the usual suspects – wipes, diapers, Vaseline, etc.


I went to Bed Bath & Beyond and raided the bin section for these guys, which have turned out to be so handy for holding everything from diapers and socks, to toys and bath time stuff. Use the 20% off coupons for each one and you’re golden.


Finally, zee main event – the crib! This is the Babi Italia Ashville Crib in espresso and Ben and I both just love it. It’s extremely sturdy and transitions into a toddler bed, day bed, and finally a full bed whenever he’s ready for it. So handy!


We usually keep this on the back of the crib, out of Lincoln’s reach, but I had to show you the farm animal quilt my friends at the Iowa Food and Family Project gave us when Lincoln was born. It is ADORABLE. I know L will love picking out each animal and making their individual sounds when he plays on it in the future.


Up above the crib is a set of prints I got from Etsy. Aren’t they great?? I love how the blue chevron in the third print matches the chevron in my favorite crib sheet. I heart chevron. : )


Lincoln does too!


Thanks for coming along on our tour!