Photo collage of gluten free valentine's day recipes

We’ve reached the high-pitched-screaming-in-your-car-upon-entry portion of the program here in the Midwest. Translation: it’s colder than a polar bear’s toenail out there! Sorry, my 7 year old is really into jokes right now (what’s worse than a millipede with sore feet? A giraffe with a sore throat – HA! We’ll be here all week.)

At any rate, the expected high on Valentine’s Day this year is negative six (I love my life…I love my life…I love my life…) so even if we weren’t already going to be staying home, the weather has officially cemented our plans. That’s ok though because grocery pick up exists and so do these 10 gluten free Valentine’s Day recipes that feel just as special, and taste just a delicious, as anything you’d get at a restaurant!

Since Lincoln is in virtual school this year, I’m missing making his Valentine’s Day box with him. What can I say, the Ninjago Green Ninja box of 2019 was some of my very best work. Instead, this year the kids and I will be getting creative by cutting gluten free sugar cookies into heart shapes then decorating with icing and sprinkles, while Ben and I will be riding that Surf and Turf for Two train for the umpteenth year in a row. Followed by Molten Chocolate Peanut Butter Lava Cake…or maybe a row of gluten free Oreos because HAVE YOU TRIED THEM?! ?

Whether you’re craving steak or seafood, chocolate or peanut butter, I hope you and your loved ones find something fabulous to enjoy from these 10 gluten free Valentine’s Day recipes!