20 Make Ahead Back to School Breakfast Recipes photo collage

Well, they broke me. The past few weeks have been filled with all the feelings as summer wraps up and the start of the school year looms. I have never wanted summer to continue harder until this weekend when Lincoln, my usual calm cookie, had a meltdown because Cameron was…smiling at him. To be fair, Cameron was smiling at him (littler brothers, man,) but either way, it was then and there that I thought to myself, “Yep! We are done here. Bring on school, schedules, and a little separation!

We’ve got our lunchbox, new shoes, and can-do attitude — let’s do this!

Now, I’ve been warned by nearly every Mom friend of mine that packing school lunches is the literal worst but if you feel breakfast is a challenge too, I’ve got 20 wholesome, filling, make ahead breakfast recipes to to help make mornings— or at least breakfast— go smoothly at your house during back to school time. We feel lucky in that Lincoln’s new school starts a whole hour later than the school he attended last year (woof, that was a year) so hopefully the mad dash mornings will be cut down a bit, and these gluten free recipes will help too.

Cereal and milk, and frozen waffles are FINE, you guys — they are so, so fine!— and I don’t want you to think that I’m up here on some high horse saying your children need to eat a homemade breakfast every single day before school. What I AM telling you is that these back to school breakfast recipes are not only easy to make ahead, but yield multi servings so you can make once, on the weekend for example, then eat all week long.

I hope you and your family love these recipes – and may the force be with you as we all head into a new school year!

20 Make Ahead Breakfast Recipes