3 Easy Super Bowl Recipes


After a yummy lunch at my parent’s house this afternoon, Ben and I got to work creating a 3 easy Super Bowl recipes we’ll be taking over to our friends house this afternoon for the big game! Here’s our contributions:

Pickle Bites

Print this recipe!


Ben took the lead in this one. How cute is he?! ;)

DSC_0021 DSC_0022 DSC_0023

Deli corned beef, smeared with onion & chive cream cheese, then rolled with a dill pickle and sliced. A tad on the messy and time consuming side to make, but sooo much fun to pop and devour. :)


We were just going to make Creamy Pickle Dippickle bites’ easier-to-make dip cousin – but at the last minute Ben decided he wanted to make the real thing. Whichever!


Grandpa’s Pasta Salad

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This pasta salad is called “Grandpa’s Pasta Salad” because it was his favorite. I can’t remember a time visiting my Grandma & Grandpa’s when we didn’t have it!


I think what makes it stand out from other pasta salads is this Salad Supreme seasoning.


It’s got a mixture of cheeses, spices & what not – and is SO YUMMY!


I LIVE for this pasta salad – it is truly unique and the only pasta salad I’ll eat!


Salted Brown Butter Rice Krispie Treats

Print this recipe!

DSC_0001 (2)

Take everyone’s childhood favorite – rice krispie treats – and kick it up a few thousand notches with the addition of browned butter & sea salt!


These will literally blow.your.mind. I first had them when I was in New York last month and the photographers assistant brought them in to share. We bonded over a mutual adoration for Smitten Kitchen and I havn’t been able to stop thinking about them since! I guarantee you will never make your standard rice krispie treat after trying these – they are the KING of Krispies!! :D


Ok, time to pack up the grub and get going – we’ve got a partay to attend!

Goodnight and good eats!


What’s the yummiest, tastiest, most memorable thing you’ve eaten recently?

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  1. Jenna 02.07.2010

    Who knew you could make rice krispie treats any better than they already are? Definitely a must try.

    Also, the mango avocado salsa looks out of this world. Your mom has a winner. I think I totally could have eaten a few spoonfuls just of the salsa. :)

    Enjoy the game!

  2. That all looks amazing, especially the blackened chicken salsa! Holy YUM I want some of that!! Looove avocados and mango…how refreshing :)
    I’m pretty dull – I’d say the yummiest thing I’ve eaten recently was either the coffee cake straight after my first half marathon – done in 1hr45!! (I’m going to keep mentioning it til it strikes midnight, I’m so proud! or the big plate of ravioli with kabocha squash and parsnip….ohmygosh best meal ever!!
    Glad you had a great time :D

  3. Oh, and I hate pie crust!! The crust is the worst bit – whenever I have stuff like that, I just eat the filling :p

  4. Hey!!

    I recently stumbled across your blog and LOVE IT! I love your take on eating and healthy living. I read a ton of food blogs out there, but yours definitely caught my eye, especially you being a Midwesterner and all. Those pickle roll-up thingys look divine, especially since I LOVE pickles. And I will have to give those rice krispie treats a try, who new such a small change could sound so much more appetizing!


  5. emily 02.07.2010

    Ok, so ALL of your eats look amazing! I adore Rice Krispies and then seem impossible to improve but I’m pretty sure that your recipe would be even better than the originial.

    The pickle bites look yummy but I don’t eat red meat. Do you think the concept would work with a thinner (turkey) meat?

  6. I loooove pie crust, that looks fantastic!

  7. Cassie Diane 02.07.2010

    Hey, Kristin! I’m also from Iowa, so your blog title caught my eye. I do appreciate explaning how you make your meals. Most blogs I read do not do this, so thank you!

    But I was wondering, being from IA, where do you buy most of your ingredients (especially almond butter)? We don’t have a Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s, so I end up traveling to Hy-Vee.

    Thanks! :)

  8. I will for sure try those rice krispie treats… I love sweet/salty!!! And SmittenKitchen is awesome :)
    The salsa sounds great! I made one like in the past and I loved it… ofcourse anything with avocado and cilantro, I’m all over.
    And girl, I’m all about some pie crust…

  9. Lunch looks tremendous! I love mango avocado salsa – mmm!

  10. I’m not a big pie crust fan. I usually leave it on the plate.

    The best thing I’ve eaten recently was a great traditional bread putting yesterday. So good and custardy.

  11. Jenny 02.07.2010

    OMG! Made the Snickers Salad tonight and took it to our Superbowl party – am now officially obsessed. That is the best stuff ever! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  12. OMG, everything looks SOOO good! *drool* That pasta salad looks amazing.


  13. katie 02.07.2010

    GREAT EATS GIRL!!! i love those pickle bites! i love ANYTHING pickle!

  14. Jenna 02.08.2010

    YES! My grandma used to make that salad. It was my favorite growing up, haven’t had it in years! I must make.

  15. Sarah Foss 02.08.2010


    Mango salsa looks incredible! Would your parents part with the recipe!? :)

  16. kate 02.08.2010

    So funny – My Grandpa and Mom both make pasta salad with zesty italian and salad supreme! It’s always a hit!! yummm

  17. Cari 02.08.2010

    LOVE pie crust. My grandpa makes the BEST apple pie and the crust is killer!

    My husband and I made your Ultimate Cookie recipe for our contribution to the Super Bowl party we attended. Huge success! They are so yummy. My coworkers are benefitting from the leftovers today.

  18. laur 02.08.2010

    I love pickle bites! I had never heard of them before my mother-in-law made them. Her nephews from out east call them ‘iowa sushi’, which I thought was hilarious!!

  19. That salad looks good! I would almost call it a Pizza Salad! I love the rice crispie squares, too – I’ve never been able to make them properly. They always turn into a hard rock, so you have to break off a piece and gnaw on it the rest of the day!

    The tastiest thing I’ve eaten lately … that’s tough! Is it sad that I’m going to say the Chickpea Blondies I made recently were the best thing I’ve eaten? Well, dessert-wise … we also had chili and naan the other day that was to-die-for!


  20. Jenna 02.10.2010

    Krispies look yummm!!

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  22. Yum Yucky 02.16.2010

    those Krispies! wish I had stashed more in my suitcase. hehehe.

  23. Lindsay Lafosse 02.28.2010


  24. Dana 06.07.2010

    Tried the rice krispie treats yesterday, and they’re gone today! My only problem with them was that I couldn’t get them to harden up. When I tried to cut them into squares, they pulled apart. Any suggestions? We did dig into them right after making them, so maybe I didn’t let them cool enough.

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  27. Katie 08.30.2010

    You should try this apple pie by Paula Dean!


    (We call it mile high apple pie)

  28. […] I loooove, love, love putting uncooked pepperoni (I actually hate hot pepperoni, like on pizza) in both lettuce AND pasta salads. […]

  29. […] Lunch included all our carb-rich faves like Grandpa’s Pasta Salad. […]

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  31. Melissa 06.14.2011

    I’m going to try this pasta salad for a work pot-luck tomorrow, have you seen that Hormel now has pepperoni minis? Cute little teeny pepperoni, perfect for salads, no cutting required!

  32. Kacey 06.17.2011

    Wow! Your blog just popped up on my google reader and I’m so glad! Those pickle bites look amazing! I’m definitely adding you guys to my list of blogs to follow!

  33. […] a Marshall gathering in Center Point. I was in charge of a side/starter item. I found IGE’s Grandpa’s pasta salad and beanis recipe. They were so simple and looked heavenly. They were made with love, served, and […]

  34. kasey 02.06.2012

    I just came across your blog via Money Saving Mom. The salsa looks amazing!! recipes for the dinner at your parents house?

  35. Melissa 02.09.2012

    I tried the avocado and mango salsa and it was a hit! thank you for the recipe!

  36. […] a last minute change of plans because of some morning rain, and our BBQ potluck, which Ben made Grandpa’s Pasta Salad and Green Bean Casserole for, got turned into brunch with pancakes and eggs. It was quite the […]

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