Happy Saturday!

I’m working all day today, but wanted to share a couple of better-for-you dip recipes perfect for digging into on game day, that I wrote about in my latest Q Magazine Article!

I am THIS EXCITED about my first dip – Salscamole.


Guacamole is my #1 favorite dip in the world, but it’s very calorie dense. By mixing 2 mashed avocados with a 15oz jar of salsa (I recommend Tostitos Restaurant Style) you basically get to eat double the amount of delicious dip for the same number of cals.



Plus it is reeeeeDICulously delicious. Refreshing salsa is accented with pops of rich, tropical tasting avocado. Mind blowing!


The second dip I wrote about is a lightened up Spinach & Artichoke Dip that, get ready for it, still tastes good.



Spinach & Artichoke dip is traditionally loaded with mayo and cheese, but sometimes when you replace that with reduced or fat free dairy products, the dish can start to taste kind of plastic.


Well I replaced the mayo with lightened up cream cheese and sour cream, but also mixed in rich Greek Yogurt to make this popular dip light, yet still satisfying.



Looking for more game-day eats? Check these out!


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Buffalo Chicken Dip

In other news – GO HAWKEYES!!! Someone please make one of these dips and eat it while cheering them on for me while I am at work.

Also, I decided to go to the reunion. First up is dinner with all my girlfriends, then off we go!

Have a great Saturday!

What are you making for game time this weekend?